Flat Spring Vibrating/Shaker Conveyors

Our FS Series vibrating conveyors provide a rugged and economical answer to many bulk conveying and processing jobs throughout industry.

Available with a wide variety of features, our Flat Spring shaker conveyors are ideal for conveying heavy, sharp or abrasive materials not easily managed by other conveying systems.

Product Details

Components: Fabricated with composite flat springs, standard carbon steel pans and a superior positive eccentric drive utilizing spherical roller bearings and rubber bushing.

Design: Incorporates the natural frequency principle, controlled vibration and standardized components and sections. This series offers three models (FSL, FSM and FSH) to better suit your application. Available in standard, unbalanced and isolated construction.

Applications: Wherever horizontal or shallow inclined conveyors are required in industries such as forest products, stamping, food, grain and chemical industries.

Availability: Standard pan sizes are available, as are custom designs.

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