Horizontal Curve Conveyor Chain

Our horizontal curve conveyor chain eliminates the need for transfer points between two separate, oposing conveyor lines. These chains are used to transport automobiles or paper rolls through curves up to 180 degrees. Carburized inboard bushings and roller and outboard bushings provide maximum wear resistance and service life.

Product Details

Components: Steel top plate, horizontal thrust rollers with bearings, vertical outboard carrying rollers with bearings, steel pins and steel sidebars with a special bearing for horizontal flex.

Design: Forged inside link, steel sidebars and pins, welded to a curved cut top plate with thrust rollers and an independent conveying chain, which has steel brackets, thru rods and outboard rollers.

Applications: Slow-speed applications, handling automobiles or paper rolls.

Availability: Custom designed to meet your specific conveyor chain application.

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