ENDURO-FLITE® Piano Hinge Conveyors

ENDURO-FLITE® metal or steel belt components share load and wear factors evenly, providing trouble-free service for light- to medium-duty material handling applications.

Our piano hinge conveyors are best suited for slow- or moderate-speed applications.

Product Details

Components: SBR chains, alloy steel thru rods, inner tubes, formed or welded hinge steel pans, side wings.

Design: Formed piano hinge, available in 6” and 9” pitch. A welded hinge is available in 12” pitch. Available in widths from 12" to 102".

Applications: Ideal for recycling, stamping, forging and machining industries.

Availability: Built-to-order, standard widths are readily available, both plain or with pushers, wear pads and stiffeners.

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