Apron Conveyors

Made of overlapping steel pans mounted on SBR chains, apron conveyors feature cleaner discharge and more durable continuous service wherever the most difficult operating conditions prevail.

The pans on our apron conveyors are engineered to absorb the impact of large lumps, repeated loading and inclined conveying with minimum spillage or material breakage.

Product Details

Offered on most SBR chains, available withl outboard rollers. Wide range of thicknesses and widths available, depending on applications. Cottered construction.

Design: Five designs: three standard and two leak-proof.

Heavy-duty applications, including a wide variety of materials, from hot and abrasive to fine and dry.

Availability: Made-to-order/custom-designed apron conveyors, either as new, turn-key products or as replacements for other manufacturers’ conveyors, are available.

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