portalloy® DRAG Chain


Our exclusive two-piece welded barrel offers better scraping action, as well as double thickness at the wear points. Webster drag chain operates at high speeds with minimal lubrication.

Product Details

Components: Offset steel bars, pin and welded two-piece barrel.

  Rugged weld construction allows for operation in less than desirable conditions in abrasive and demanding environments. Barrel is welded to sidebars with steel press fit pins, resulting in maximum value through minimum moving components and low cost. Also available in reverse barrel design.

Allows for operation in less than desirable conditions in rugged, abrasive and demanding environments. Specifically for drag conveyors where rugged and demanding environments exist, such as conveying sawdust, bark and other scraps in wood yards, paper mills and OSB plants. Also conveys ash and machine chips in powerhouses and machining operations.

Availability: Standard sizes and standard attachments are available from stock. Made-to-order/custom-designed drag chain also available.

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